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My monthly blog, which is on hold while I launch my freelance career- The Humboldt Park Moon.

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Rob’s appreciation for the interconnectedness of the past to the present, policy to lived experience, and nature to civilization has motivated his ongoing commitment to participating and learning about his local community. As a resident of the northwest side of Chicago for the past 22 years, he considers his participation in the local community as an ongoing learning process. Rob founded Walking Across Chicago, co-founded a neighborhood block club, and served on the leadership board of his local state representative. As a writer Rob co-authored Images of America: Avondale and Chicago’s Polish Village, and has written for Rodziny: The Journal of the Polish Genealogical Society of America, Northwest Chicago Historical Society Newsletter, the neighborhood blog Avondale Time Machine, and local Chicago outlets including Our Urban Times and Gapers Block. By day he is a social services data warehouse manager by profession, helping to lead quality improvement initiatives grounded in deep understanding of local context and leveraged by nation-spanning constellations of expertise.
  • Scotland: Land of Abandoned Monasteries and Cut-Rate Cattle (2009)
  • Everybody's Related to Aliens, retracing my Michiganese roots through Poland (2007)
  • Indoblog, how to save the world in as little as four weeks (2006)
  • Afroblog, a three week vacation from hanging out with white people (2005)
  • Ramblin' Rascals, the stories of a traveling musician (2004-2005)
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  • Back Before I Was Polish (Rodziny: The Journal of the Polish Genealogical Society of America, 2009)
  • A History of Cinema in Avondale (pp. 12-20, Northwest Chicago Historical Society Newsletter, January 2016)
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